Over the last years, the problem of human trafficking has moved from being a magical concern to a mainstream issue, with significant advances in levels of public awareness, official engagement, and specialized research. This is the serious problem that discuss over the worldwide. The U. S state department estimates that up to 820,000 men, women, and children are trafficked internationally each year. If we talk about the Pakistan then we see many cases of human smuggling per day. Which include men, women, and children, vary widely, but are likely well over one million. Our aim is to move the conversation from sex to slavery, from prostitution to power, and from rescue to rights.

           Children’s are also becoming the victim of trafficking. Like, on a large scale the boys and girls are bought, kidnapped, sold, rented, or smuggle from one country to another to work in organized, illegal begging groups. The illegal agents take money from the parents and make the false promises that they will gave work to their children’s but instead of giving work they use the children’s from illegal smuggling, drug smuggling, and the sexual abuse. Gender inequality is also becoming the part of human trafficking like girls and women are sold into forced marriages. In some cases their husbands forced them into prostitution just for the sake of money. If we see, some markets are arranged where girls and women are bought and sold for sex and labor. The number of children’s are increasing who are domestically involve in sale of sex, pornography, stripping or other sexual act. The internet and social media also plays a vital role in the increasing of domestic minor sex trafficking victims. 95% of teenager are reported who have the access of smartphones. Traffickers divert their minds to use their mobile for sexual abuse because it is estimated that 55% of traffickers who interact their traffickers through social media.

       Human trafficking is a worldwide problem and it is the platform of shameful crimes and abuse which may affect the life of hundred, thousands, or millions of the peoples. Traffickers find the men, women and children’s all over the world and force them to involve in the criminal activities.

      Single mothers who are living alone with their children’s. For their survival they need to do a job. Some business owners forced them to do shameful things and she do! Because she know she have to feed their children’s. Unemployment is also become the reason of human trafficking because traffickers make their minds to do work internationally after it they snatch their passport and ids and forced them to do criminal activities. In our societies, some children’s who lost their parents they also become the victim of traffickers easily. They are forced to do fulgurous, abuse, smuggling or trafficking.

     The young generation who live in isolation are also being target of human trafficking. The traffickers take advantage of their loneliness. In order they offer love and care to victims to tempt the victim to work for them and Vitim also feel comfort with trafficker because they think they that they have nothing to lose in their lives. There is also a culture to sell the girls or women from their fathers or men’s for money because they think girls are the big burden on them. These girls or women’s left in the world of exploitation. In traditional culture arranged marriages are also common. Some young girls are forced to married in child ages which is also the type of smuggling.

Generally the rate of women’s and girls are higher for being the victim of human trafficking. There are approximately 83% women who become the victim of human trafficking and 72% child girls are found for being the victims of sexual exploitation. Some girls between the ages of 12-14 are forced to sexual abuse (rape) and left in the vulnerable position. The number of forced prostitution is not limited. Nowadays sexual abuse may occur in homes, offices and even in the streets sadly. Sex trading is the most common perception of human trafficking and it effect the millions of peoples over worldwide.

Some traffickers use preexisting drug addiction, or create drug addiction so they can control the victims. The victims of pre-existing think that this is the part of their addiction. The victim drug addiction who are created by their traffickers they think that it is there fault while caught up. Both conditions are beneficial for the trafficker because victim blame themselves for the addiction instead of blaming the traffickers. The buyers of drugs are generally men’s. If they stop buying the drugs then may be forced prostitution may not be exist.

       These type of human smuggling may affect victim badly. It may affect physically, mentally and psychologically. Sometime victim attempt suicide due to trafficking. The individual who become the victim of trafficking goes through a mentally trauma because he feel ashamed, guilty, anxiety and fear in his every aspects of life, he will cant able to live his life peaceful or make his relationship perfect in his future. Some victims goes through a physical trauma because victims of forced labors may work in dangerous condition such as guns smuggling or illegal fight they took their lives in danger and face physical injuries, fractures and exhaustion. Some peoples sell their organs because they need money for their love one.

      If we want to fight against the human trafficking in our society. We must be careful of our surrounding. We should aware our families or friends so they know more about the human trafficking. We should gave company to those who are being the victim of loneliness or depression. We must gave equal rights to the boys and girls. We should donate money to those organizations who works against the human trafficking. We should contact to NHTH if we notice any abuse or suspicious activity in our surrounding. If we take even a little step against the human trafficking may be it can save the lives of many peoples.