The role of media and Cartoons in increasing violence

By:Ansa Akram

One of the notable changes in our environment in the 20th Century is the advent and saturation of mass media.In this new environment radio, television, movies, videos, video games and computer networks have assumed central roles in our daily lives.For better or for worse, the mass media are having an enormous impact on our values, beliefs and behaviors. Unfortunately the consequences of one particular element of the mass media exposure has particularly effects on viewers and other health. Reaserch evidence has accumulated over many years that exposurs to violence on television and in vedio games increases the risk of violent behavior on the viewers part just as growing up in our environment filled with real violence increases the risk of violent behavior.Some People argue that violence in the media has cathartic effects. By watching violent movies and television shows. We can get out our natural aggression in a passive way. Afterwords we can go on with our lives and not feel that we need to take our aggression out on other people. Other argue that exposers to violence through the media has the positive effects on people. They say that watching violence on TV and in the movies actually makes people more violent.Effects of media violence is strongest on the children who already have violent tendencies. Watching violent movies may influence children’s behavior by amplifying their violence tendencies but it won’t necessarlly produce violent tendencies.
Specifically, they found that exposure to media violence increased the chances that the viewer would commit actual physical violence against another person in the short-term, and that habitual viewing of violent media increased the risk of acting violently toward another person over longer periods of time
Nowadays it is a common belief that the violence protrayed in cartoons might have negative impact on the behaviour of young children. The main aim of my this article will be to determined weather cartoon violence has a negative influence on the behavior of young children aged 3-5 in America or whether this assertion is a false persemption. If the calm is true, we will be considering any possible effects. It may have the behavioral development of those children in the future. My main scope of research will be consisting of various analysis of popular cartoon shows in the united States. Along with various books, articles and online formus containing relevant information in order to aid me in providing a suitable solution to the research question.
Some researchers believe that high level of violence in cartoons can make children more aggressive. Their studies also found that young children tend to mimic the negative behavior they see on television. The ability of children to restrain their motives is very weak, so they can take the aggressive behaviors of cartoon characters as a model. Since children desire and look for power, the producer sets out from this need and creates sympathetic, strong and aggressive media heroes that can overcome every difficulty through magical and infinite powers, and solve their problems by brute force. What is important is that they become strong and armed, and they solve problems by violence. When the frequency of this kind of message combines with the loveliness of characters and also their kind-heartedness is emphasized, there is no reason left for children not to imitate these characters. In addition, Children spend much more time watching TV than participating in any other activity. TV has affected the studying habits of children and prevented them from doing their homework.
Conclusion:Violence in the media is becoming more accessible each day. With a growing number of videos and images that expose our society to media violence, we must take a stance to regulate it. Instead of looking at violent content as being a factor of creating harmful behavior, community members should look at this substance as a way to educate the youth on how to be a proactive citizen and identify the warning signs or acts of violence in their lives.By educating the youth on violence with the help of redirecting violent content in the media, we can make our community a safer place. Educating the youth on this topic can help prevent more violence from happening. In addition to that, kids can have a better sense of how the world actually is. The youth would be able to know how to handle violent content or even how to react in a situation where they are faced with violence. I think that people should care about this because the way media shapes our community is imperative to our thinking. Spinning violent media to be educational is a way to better our society and create a safe space for everyone.