Alleged members of ‘most-wanted dacoit gang’ nabbed in Karachi

KARACHI: Two street criminals allegedly associated with a ‘most-wanted dacoit gang’ have been arrested in a joint raid conducted by Rangers and police forces in Karachi,

The Rangers spokesperson said that the security personnel conducted a raid on a tip-off and arrested two street criminals including Shahrukh and Waqar Ahmed. The alleged criminals belong to a ‘most-wanted dacoit gang’ and involved in various cases of robbery and street crime.

The arrests were made with the help of CCTV footages of different incidents. According to the spokesperson, Waqar Ahmed and Shahrukh along with his accomplice were seen looting citizens in separate footages.

Shahrukh had snatched valuables from a citizen sitting inside a car at Model Park Road of Karachi’s Mehmoodabad. Another accused Waqar Ahmed is a drug addict and former policeman who was seen holding a pistol while robbing a citizen.

The spokesperson said that more raids are being conducted to arrest other members of the gang.

During the raid, security officials recovered weapons from the accused criminals. The arrested persons have been handed over to police for further investigation, the spokesperson added.