You can now assign separate wallpapers to your WhatsApp chats

ver get confused between chat windows on WhatsApp? There is now a solution. Among the new features being rolled out by WhatsApp there is one that allows users to assign different wallpapers to each of their chats.Hopefully that will prevent the endless messaging fauxpas.

The facebook-owned messaging app has also added ‘In-App Notifications’ which inform users about various updates.

The updated the stock wallpaper gallery, “make your chats personal and distinguishable by using custom wallpaper for your most important chats and favorite people, and you never need to worry about sending the wrong message in the wrong chat ever again,” says WhatsApp.

Additionally, the messaging service is also rolling out doodle wallpaper, adding more colors to the current default wallpaper. Users can now also set separate wallpaper which activates when their phone changes from light to dark mode.

You can find this feature in the Notifications section of the Settings menu. Once you select the feature, a list of three ‘Alert Style’ options will pop up which include None, Banners, and Alerts.

With the help of this feature, the company aims to inform users about various updates such as features and new Terms of Services.

Further, WhatsApp is improving its Sticker Search which means users can now easily type or use emojis to find a particular sticker or simply browse through common sticker categories.

This will help sticker app creators to tag their stickers with emojis and text moving forward, to make them easily searchable for users.

The World’s Health Organisation has also introduced a “Together at Home” sticker pack which is now available as animated stickers and is one among the hottest stickers across the platform according to WhatsApp.

The “Together at Home” sticker pack is available within WhatsApp, including text localized for 9 languages – Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.