Self-sufficient state of Jammu and Kashmir

By: Zafran Haider Latif Rathore

This morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a notification approving a Superior Executive Allowance of Rs. 4 lac for the Chief Secretary and about Rs. 375,000 in favor of the IGP. I became happy & felt I am a resident of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is a self-sufficient state. A State in which Every school child has a roof, every hospital has enough doctors, every tehsil has medical facilities, no one goes hungry in the state, there is an excellent system for the welfare of the poor and needy, all of the state Roads have been constructed to the best standards, health, justice and education facilities are available to every citizen free of cost. No laborer goes to bed hungry, there is an excellent sewerage and water system in every street and neighborhood. In the remote Haveli and Nelum areas of Azad Kashmir, the patient does not have any difficulty in reaching the hospital. Then I realized that maybe I am dreaming. In my state, the poor do not have meal a day, no infrastructure. Where basic facilities like education, justice and health are not available to the residents, where patients from remote areas are taken to the hospital on a bed or on their shoulders instead of ambulance service and then it is known that there is no doctor here if the doctor is available somewhere. So there is no medicine available, I am a resident of a state where the first thing immediately after the election is the exchange of teachers who are their opponents and thus the entire education department is a victim of political interference. maybe I was forgetting that privileges and allowances are always given to the nobles. This is the class that controls the state resources and these are the people who are called the servants of the people but every citizen is in fact their servant.
My Prime Minister Maharaj may approve a huge allowance in favor of Lent Officers but he cannot provide a roof over his head for the education of innocent children sitting on sackcloth. He cannot provide doctors and medicines in any hospital but those Lent Officers can’t be ignored by PM. My Prime Minister insists on receiving huge sums of money from university students in the form of utility charges and miscellaneous funds and rejects the summary of funds sanctioned for the Public Interest Project “Lasdana Tooli Peer Road” but summary for the allowance of lent Officers Can’t reject
Maharaj, don’t forget that we are not yet financially self-sufficient. We are not yet providing basic services of education, health and justice free of pay attention towards welfare of state rather than welfare of Lent officers.