By: Raja Sohail Khan

District Information Officer Muzaffarabad 

Fascist India desires the acceptance of its illegal occupation of Indian Occupied Kashmir by the people of IIOJK since the day it revoked the official status of the held valley. To pursue this goal, Indian government is taking all the possible steps including brutalities, killings, kidnapping, and even raping the innocent women. Indian brutalities in IIOJK have left far behind the brutalities of Hitler and Mussolini. India is doing brutalities in IIOJK for last 07 decades. But, it could not affect the firm resolve of the people of Kashmir. It has also badly failed in finding a soft corner in the hearts of Kashmiris. India wants to eradicate the roots of the history and culture of Kashmiris. To implement its policies in IIOJK, India always does conspiracies against Pakistan which is the only representative of the people of Kashmir. India wants to destabilize Pakistan so that it can no longer be able to become the voice of the people of Kashmir. But, every time it happens that armed forces of the country give strict response. Resultantly, India has to face strict music. 

On the other hand, the scenario in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan Administrated Kashmir, is totally different. Recently, Federal government of Pakistan organized Kashmir Premier League (KPL) in Azad Kashmir. The successful league became the center of the interest of the whole world. The happiness and cheers spread by the KPL badly hit the fascist government of India which is pursuing the policies of violence in the part of Kashmir which it has occupied illegally.

First time in the history it happened that an international event was organized in the base camp of the Kashmir Movement. When the event was given the name of Kashmir Premier League (KPL) then it was decided that this will held in Narol Cricket Stadium in Muzaffarabad, the capital of AJK. The decision of federal government to organize this event in Muzaffarabad sent a strong message to India which started doing propaganda against the league. But, the law enforcement institutions defeated India in its efforts by successfully organizing the event in peaceful environment.  

KPL has sent a clear message to the whole world that in one part of Kashmir there is only bloodshed, killings, brutalities and kidnappings, whereas on the other side people are living their lives in peaceful environment. India has turned IIOJK into the biggest jail of the world. Indian forces are doing worst violations of human rights in IIOJK. Pellet guns are snatching the eyes of children. Women are being raped, and children are being killed in front of their parents in IIOJK. On the other hand, sports, sportsmen, and everybody is free in Azad Kashmir. Youngsters are given balls, not bullets. Message of peace is for all in Azad Kashmir. There is no violence, only love and happiness. 

Kashmir Premier League (KPL) has turned the attention of the whole world towards Kashmir issue once again. KPL is an international standard big event which will show its results in near future. Matches of KPL were not played in grounds only but also at international level. Victory and defeat both are the parts of the game. But, in case of KPL there is no defeat. It was very difficult for killer of humanity, India, to bear that international cricketers visit Kashmir and play with the youngster. India has lost its temperament since the successful organization of KPL. India tried its best to sabotage KPL. It had been asking the international cricketers and commentators not to become part of KPL. It had been even threatening the broadcasters not to go for KPL. It had also announced that the players or broadcasters who would become the part of KPL will not be allowed to enter in India. RSS workers came on road in India against the KPL. They protested while holding the posters of Prime Minister Imran Khan and officials of KPL. India tried its best to politicize cricket. But, such a behavior of India towards KPL was strictly condemned by international cricketers and community. 
Extremist India fears of peaceful sports because it has firm belief that KPL will play a remarkable role in the peaceful Kashmir Movement of the people of Kashmir. Kashmir issue has been raised worldwide by the participation of international cricketers in KPL. This league also provided an opportunity to the youngsters of Azad Kashmir to show their talent. They got the chance to play with national and international players. Youngsters of the state will get a number of opportunities to make their future in cricket due to this league. KPL has strengthened the firm determination of the people of Kashmir for their independence from India. 

Through the successful conduct of KPL, people of Kashmir have sent the message to the whole world that they are peaceful people and want the resolution of prolonged Kashmir issue according to the resolutions of the United Nations (UN) over this cause. KPL will promote sports at local, national, and international level. It will also help in bringing the investment in Azad Kashmir. It will also help in promoting sports journalism. Organized by the joint efforts of the government of AJK, Government of Pakistan, and under the supervision of Pakistan Cricket board, KPL has great importance. This event has given a new direction to raise the Kashmir issue. KPL was broadcasted live in more than 18 countries of the world. The success of this league can be analyzed by the fact that its inaugural ceremony became the most viewed ceremony of such leagues. KPL remained in trends on social media. International community hailed Pakistan for organizing KPL. 

The success of KPL was not celebrated in Azad Kashmir only but the masses of IIOJK also celebrated this league. Brave masses of IIOJK celebrated the independence of Pakistan and successful KPL. Brutal forces of India opened fire on procession of 08 Muharam. Dozens of youngsters received serious injuries. Two embraced martyrdom. Final match of KPL was being played in Azad Kashmir and at the same time Indian forces were killing the innocent masses in IIOK. When the captain of Rawalakot Hawks, Shahid Afridi, dedicated the victory to the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir (IIOJK) Indian forces opened direct fires on masses of IIOK celebrating the final match of KPL. 

Success of KPL has begun the successes of the people of Kashmir. The event has shown the positive image of Pakistan to the whole world. Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Abdul Qayoom Niazi has termed KPL the National T Twenty League. High performance center is being constructed in AJK after KPL. Players will get training in this center. This center will help Kashmiri cricketers to prove themselves at international level. KPL has also promoted the culture of Kashmir. Kashmiri culture and meals attracted the new visitors. The league has also given a positive push to the economy of the state. As this was the first such event in Kashmir so no one had an idea that this event will bring such a big revenue. A number of outsiders came Muzaffarabad to watch KPL. Hotels of Muzaffarabad, Neelum Valley, and Jehlum Valley were full of the visitors. Some visitors from Europe met with me in Muzaffarabad. They were of the view that they never saw a stadium like the stadium of Muzaffarabad. They said that they felt like they were watching a match either in US or UK. 

KPL has opened the doors of tourism and economy in AJK. India always tries to do conspiracies against Pakistan at all the forums. There is a long list of such conspiracies from Indian chronicles to Kulbhushan. But, every time India had to face worst defeat from the brave armed forces of the country. Oppressed people of IIOJK will get independence from the illegal occupation of India very soon and the final match of next KPL will be played in Srinagar.