Prince Charles’ ‘bullied’ school days brought to light: report

Experts recently highlighted some of the instances of bullying Prince Charles was forced to endure during his time at the “Colditz in kilts,” Gordonstoun.

Majesty magazine editor Ingrid Seward brought this claim to light in a new interview with GB News host Nigel Farage.

She started off by explaining her connection to the Prince’s school days and admitted her husband Ross Benson attended Gordonstoun alongside the heir.

Reportedly, “He let everyone know that, yeah he was at Gordonstoun with Prince Charles, in the same class.”

“They became great friends and knowing Ross as I did he made sure he became friends with Prince Charles.”

“[Ross] loved Gordonstoun and he said that Charles had a really hard time there because… if you were friendly with Charles they accused you of being a sycophant.”

However, “if you weren’t friends with him they would call you a bully, and Charles did get bullied there. There was this one story I really love, and I only discovered it much later when Ross wrote it for an article.”

“He tells this wonderful story because Prince Charles used to snore and [he was] in one of those beds by the window which was kept open all summer.”

“So the boys in the dorm above put down a little speaker attached to a tape recorder and they recorded him snoring…”

“And they were going to flog the tape as ‘this is the future king snoring’, well you can imagine when the headmaster found out.”

Before concluding she did admit however that there is a chance the tape might still exist somewhere.