Clear My Confusion Please

              Written by: Dr. Qazi Shahzaib Ud Din Hamza

        A New York Times associate novelist Karen Marie Moning once said, “The most confused we ever get is when we’re trying to convince our heads of something our heart knows is a lie.” Despite of living in the era of science and technology, bombardment of the information and flow of knowledge through different means, “I” often find myself unaware of the facts, unaware to find the better truth among the many presented and totally confused, to cut the story short. You can consider this “I” as metaphor for the entire Pakistani youth.

       Let me build up my arguments by putting few examples. In March 2020, I find myself struck in the COVID-19 pandemic. Hold on, is it a pandemic? No it is a biological war. Hold on, if it is a biological war then where are the rivals? In a confusion of understanding this pandemic between a scientific and the orthodox religious approach here comes the vaccine. I have to vaccinate myself? No, it is under trial. What should I do next? Vaccinate now, its compulsory to vaccinate yourself. Ok fine, I go to the vaccination center, which vaccine I should use? Sino pharm? No, because it is not accepted in gulf, you will not be able to go to Saudi Arabia, neither on work visa neither to perform religious activities. Ok fine, then Pfizer? No because there have been reported many cases of Bell’s palsy. All this scenario was happening and still happening in the presence of more than 50 satellite channels, thousands of newspapers and communication media, public health institutions and fully funded NCOC. Ah, clear my confusion please! 

       Apart from the comic satire let’s talk on some historic happenings. Years ago on 6th June 2014, social media get stormed when the news broke out that “Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has sent a white sari for the mother of his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi as Mr. Modi had gifted a shawl to the Nawaz Sharif’s mother, when the Pakistani leader visited India”. Analysts used this incident for many years to defame Nawaz Sharif and take down their representatives in talk shows as it was made a trademark, not to have any give and take of gifts with the Indians as this act lower your standard of patriotism. Then in march 2019, the students of Quaid e Azam university were declared ill-mannered who celebrated Holi inside the campus premises. But I got confused recently when I came to know that The Indian and Pakistani soldiers exchange Diwali greetings and sweets along the International Border with each other on November 4, 2021. The exchange between Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers, was held at two places along the International Border in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan. If Nawaz sharif was non patriotic due to the exchange of gifts with Mr. Modi, students celebrating Holi were ill mannered then…… clear my confusion please!

      In the very recent past, the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad along with entire GT road up to Lahore was blocked by the administration because of a Long March, announced by the banned Tehreek e Labbaik Pakistan. TLP claimed that Government of Pakistan signed an agreement with them and it was clearly mention that the govt will take necessary steps in order to expel French ambassador. The entire nation was told that this is a banned extremist organization which killed policemen and beyond this we have the evidence of Indian funding behind them and we will strictly deal them. On the agreement, a senior member of PTI Faisal Vawda claim that, prime Minister was unaware of any agreement with TLP. On the very next day another member, Federal minister for religious affairs, Noor Ul Haq Qadri stated that, PM was well aware of the agreement and statement by Mr. Vawda is totally baseless. Then in a time span of few days, govt decided to lift ban from TLP, release their first line leadership because of a new agreement which is still un known to us and surprisingly to the many govt officials too. I was compelled to think that how a govt can forgive an organization who is performing its activities on Indian funding? Which one is the martyr? Those died from the protestors who were present on roads for the sake of pure religious sentiments or those who were from the side of the state performing their duties for which they took oath? Clear my confusion please

       In a notification released on October 6, the ISPR had stated that Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum has been appointed as the new DG ISI. But I got confuse on October 15, when headlines speak up that “PM Imran Khan will like to interview ISI Chief candidates”. Why to interview candidates when he is already being appointed and announced on October 6 and the press release still exists on the website of ISPR by the no PR166/2021/ISPR. This confusion ultimately can be seen in our daily life style particularly in different routine chores, which is badly effecting our decision management at mass level. This must be stop. Clear my confusion please and remember “my” is a metaphor for all of us.