Growing Violence and Role of Media

By: Ayesha Khizar

Violence refers to any form of violence that is committed with the intent to inflict material and psychological harm on others aggressive behavior that is intended to explicitly cause harm is called violence.
Surround us or we fall into them on our own .we do not pass ,we increase our intensity four moon. In the recent horrific incident in Sialkot ,we have been reprimanoted all over the world for what we did to our Sri Lankan brother in broad daylight and at the crossroad Sri Lankan brother are buring these humanoid beasts do not know that Muslims live in Sri Lanka too,if in the fire of revenge they started presenting these Muslims how many innocent people will die in their homes businesses can be ruined , women’s lives and dignity can be endangered. How can we forget that when cricket teams from all over the world refused to play matches in Pakistan and boycotted, it was the only country in Sri Lanka that promised to come to Pakistan and in the end that team also terrorized Lahore. Became a victim of terrorism۔ there are cases of ongoing violence in our country in which children and women are usually at the forefront .in our country which is built on the Islamic ideology of the after ignoring the Islamic ideology and after violence and raping the girls they are through in any garbage place۔The Mashaal Khan murder case is also a stain on our foreheads. Allegedly he pointed a finger at some corrupt people of the university administration.Islam is a religion of peace but in our country people are brutally tortured and killed every day. Some are in the name of insolent prophet and some are in the name of honor. Kill the girls like Zainab of Kasur What did this poor girl know is a flower that will wither before it blooms۔Echoes of the brutal murder of Noor Muqaddam, daughter of a former diplomat, are still echoing in Posh area of ​​Islamabad.The last moments of Muqaddam life were very painful. The 27-year-old woman was repeatedly beaten before she was killed. She jumped out of a window to save her life but was dragged and tortured again and eventually beheaded.What is happening in Pakistan in the name of religion is hurting religious people too. They know that insult of the day cannot be greater than this.We are very sensitive about our affairs but do not realize our international responsibilities, do not think about our responsibilities, do not think that our religious teachings do not allow us to kill human beings
There are many forms of violence for example : domestic violence in this case of violence , children , woman and vulnerable people (employee’s etc.)are subjected to violence . domestic violence is a family affair so there is limited information about it.Physical violence: this types of violence involves physically injuring another person or person sometimes after being tortured they are killed and the body is dismembered and burnt .this is called personal violence and it’s purpose is to avenge or assert it’s authoring Mantel and physical violence:The refers to violence In which another person or person are traumatized and humiliated by words , gestures or attitudes. Sexual violence :This means having sex or forcing someone having sex or forcing someone to have sec with them without their consent .
Causes of violence :mantel illness and violence express believe that there is a strong link between severe mental illness especially mental illness and violence .mass media and violence :mass Media increase rate of violence experimentally it has been shown for ten days full of violence ,they become more violence . weapon availability: violence is a reflux action and is committed when weapons are readily available and in areas and countries where weapons are not readily available, the rate of violence is low.
The role of media is important in the deterioration or improvement of any country or in other words it has had many positive and negative effects on our lives. Today, social media is becoming the most important part of life. The media of any country improves the society of that country .Unfortunately, the Pakistani media seems to reflect the West. As an Islamic state, the role of the media in our country seems to be engaged in highlighting most of the negative aspects. Our Pakistani TV anchors and TV programs and channels are seen presenting a negative image of the country and all of them are engaged in broadcasting which is unimaginable. A rating race has started between all the channels in the country and in order to get ahead in this race, they prefer only the news which leads to high ratings and in this race they ignore the quality of news. They seem to be doing it. They are putting behind every news that is of real importance. Media is such a great source of information through which we are easily able to get information from all over the world but unfortunately our today’s media seems to be just a source of earning money. The content that Pakistani media is broadcasting nowadays He is by no means suitable for our young generation. It is having a negative effect on their minds. Pakistani dramas are mostly preferring foreign costumes and lifestyles. Due to which many problems are also arising in our homes As an Islamic state in Pakistan, it is the duty of our media to broadcast as many programs in the country as possible that are based on our religious.