PSX attack: Terrorists received directions from Afghanistan

Bureau Report

KARACHI: Terrorists who attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange compound on Monday were receiving directions from Afghanistan’s city Kandahar, revealed investigative sources on Wednesday.

Sources that progress had been made in the investigation into the PSX attack that took place two days ago. Investigators had found that one of the militants was in Karachi while the other three joined him from Hub.

The militant who was in Karachi had been facilitated by two other persons and had conducted a full recce of the PSX building four days prior to the attack.

The probe into the attack revealed that the attackers were linked to Afghanistan as the militants were receiving directions from Kandahar, it was found.

The development came a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan said on the floor of the House that there was ‘no doubt’ that India was involved in the PSX attack.

India perpetrated PSX attack to destabilise Pakistan, PM Imran tells NA

The prime minister while addressing the National Assembly on Tuesday lauded the security forces for thwarting the attack, which could have otherwise caused considerable destruction.

“We have no doubt that India is involved in the attack,” the prime minister told the lower House of the parliament in his speech.

Armed militants had arrived at the PSX compound in a sedan and attempted to enter it from the parking ground side, according to initial reports and eyewitness statements. They were seen shouldering backpacks and carrying automatic weaponry in an amateur video captured by an eyewitness. The equipment, arms and ammunition recovered from them indicated that they had come prepared for a long siege.

After failing to enter the compound, the militants launched a gun and grenade attack and attempted to storm the building while opening indiscriminate fire. They were engaged by security personnel posted and failed to make headway amidst heavy exchange of fire.