PM Imran stresses on importance of national parks for the youth

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Establishment of national parks are a ‘big step’ for future generations, said Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday, stressing on the importance of involving the local youth in their maintenance to ensure parks are preserved.

The prime minister said this at a ceremony held at the PM House today (Thursday), where Adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Ameen Aslam gave a briefing to the attendees about the national parks projects.

PM Imran said that the initiative will create employment opportunities for people across all provinces, especially the youth. He cited the example of Chitral where the local population had gotten involved and preserved ibexes, which in turn, helped them secure jobs.

The prime minister lamented that he had witnessed the destruction of Murree and other green areas which were present during his days as a youth, due to an increase in population.

“Pakistan faces a big danger from climate changes and global warming,” he said, adding that the government aims to plant 10bn trees to protect and preserve the environment.

He called on his aide Ameen Aslam to study the way national parks were preserved and maintained in the US and implement the same in Pakistan. PM Imran said that the Pakistan government will issue guidelines on how to preserve parks and until then, the parks will not be open for the public.

What is the Protected Area Initiative all about?

Under the scheme, called Protected Area Initiative, a national park will be made in each province.

The national parks will also have separate National Parks’ Services, and the scheme will also ensure the protection and preservation of the earlier established parks across the country.

With the initiative, the government aims to provide direct employment to 5,000 people and ensure protection of the wildlife. To turn the areas into tourist spots, the project will also invite investment.