Speakers paid tribute to legendary poet Shakeel Jazeb

Staff Reporter


Islamabad: Shakeel Jazeb does not present philosophy in attractive poetry but his poetry becomes a fragrance and settles in the breath.These views were expressed by Kishwar Naheed in an online program organized on the occasion of Shakeel Jazeb’s birthday under the auspices of Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in the form of a book launching of his latest poetry collection “Numi Danam”. She was presiding over the event. The Chief Guest was Iftikhar Arif. Dr. Yousuf khushk, Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters presented an introductory note.

Dr. Qasim Pirzada, Amjad Islam Amjad, Muhammad Izharul Haq and Asghar Nadeem Syed were in the Guests of honour. The article presented by Muhammad Hameed Shahid, Dr. Waheed Ahmed, Abbas Tabish, and Haris Khaliq. Shakeel Jazib renders his poetry. Rehman Faris moderated the program.Kishwar Naheed said that Shakeel Jazib adds something new to the ghazal that his ghazal does not seem unfamiliar or already heard. He avoids outdated metaphors and themes. In his poetry, he is disturbed by the situation and prays for the homeland.Iftikhar Arif said that Shakeel Jazeb is one of the poets who came to the forefront of the Pakistani ghazal scene in the first two decades of the 21st century with a prominent creative identity due to his artistic reach and fresh imagination.Dr. Yousuf khushk said that Shakeel Jazib is an important poet of the new generation. He has a sensitive personality, he feels and sees and descends into the hearts of the people by his poetry. He is aware of poetic traditions and his words and style are standard in every respect.

He is a fresh thinker and has access to hearts. He has the power to put on the cloak of layers, soft and delicate emotions and thoughts.Dr. Qasim Pirzada said that Shakeel Jazeb’s poetry  seems to breathe as if life is breathing.Amjad Islam Amjad said that Shakeel Jazeb’s poetry has a variety of themes and a modern sensibility.Mohammad Izhar-ul-Haq said that Shakeel’s poetry is easy, there is no complexity in them and they become imprinted in the mind.Asghar Nadeem Syed said that whether it is love or other issues, carving metaphors from daily life and nature is the poetic attribute of Shakeel۔Mohammad Hameed Shahid said that more than one an instance of suddenness and surprise can be identified behind Shakeel Jazeb’s creative experience.Dr. Waheed Ahmed said that Shakeel has a keen eye on the economic, social and societal realities as well as the situation here.Abbas Tabish said that Shakeel Jazib is a man firmly attached to tradition.Harris Khaliq said that personal incidents, observation, experience and contemplation are the basic elements of Shakeel Jazeb’s ghazal.