Brisk preparations kick off to mark Kashmir’s Accession to Pakistan Day on July 19

Bureau Report


MIRPUR:Brisk preparations have begun by the Kashmiris  living both side of the line of control to mark the 73rd  Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan Day ( July 19)  with a renewal of the pledge to continue the struggle for the achievement of the right to self-determination and to translate the idea of accession of entire Jammu Kashmir state to Pakistan under the spirit of the historic resolution passed on this day in 1947.

Elaborated programs are being chalked out to observe Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan Day throughout Azad Jammu Kashmir, occupied Jammu and Kashmir and in other parts  of the world – where Kashmiris are inhibiting, to observe the historic day in order to strengthen and promote the ideology of  accession of entire Jammu Kashmir state to Pakistan.

It will be a public holiday in Azad Jammu Kashmir on this occasion to facilitate the masses to participate in the special programs to be held to commemorate the day with great enthusiasm and devotion, an AJK government spokesperson told APP here on Wednesday.

The people of Jammu Kashmir state launched the struggle under the spirit of the said resolution for the liberation of their motherland from the yoke of dogra rule and later from the unlawful and forcible hold of Indian imperialism. This freedom struggle of Kashmiris is continuing with full vigor by the valiant freedom loving population of the Muslim-majority Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir through liberation of the motherland from long Indian slavery since over last 73 years.

However since over last 33 years, the liberation movement has attained momentum after the people of  Indian held Jammu Kashmir stood up launching their indigenous  struggle against the long subjugation over their motherland.

Special ceremonies will be held in all small and major towns and cities of Azad Jammu Kashmir during the Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan week to highlight the significance of the early implementation of the ideology of accession of Jammu Kashmir state to Pakistan after liberation of occupied Jammu Kashmir state from the Indian clutches.