Doctors discover 7 kg hairball in teenager’s belly

Health Report

A huge hairball weighing 6.8 kg was removed from the abdomen of a 17-year-old girl who had the habit of chewing on her hair.

The teenager, identified as Sweety Kumari from India’s Jharkhand state, had the lump of hair removed from her abdomen by a team of doctors at a private hospital in Bokaro district, according to reports.

She underwent a six-hour operation led by Dr. GN Sahu.

The doctors successfully pulled out the large, entangled mass of hair lodged in her belly for several years.

Kumari was suffering from “Rapunzel Syndrome”,  a rare intestinal condition resulting from ingesting hair for a prolonged period of time.

Dr. Sahu said he had never seen such a massive accumulation in a patient’s stomach in his 40-year career.

An ultrasound examination led doctors to suspect that Kumari had a tumor in her stomach about three years back. But later, the doctors found out that the huge lump on her abdomen was actually a hairball that had occupied her entire stomach area due to her hair-chewing habit.

She is said to be in stable condition after the procedure.