IB’s Report Calling Recently Appointed Lahore CCPO As “womaniser” Goes Viral On Social Media

Staff Report

CCPO Umar Sheikh says the IB’s report was issued in 2006 by some officers who were against his promotion but even then he was promoted to the next ranks.

LAHORE: (-Sept 11th, 2020) A report of Intelligence Bureau (IB) damaging recently appointed Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Umar Sheikh has gone viral on social media.

Even a leading newspaper claimed that CCPO Umar Sheikh confirmed that the IB’s report against him was issued in 2006 by his opponents, but interestingly the report mentioned his last tenure as RPO D. G. Khan—a position he served on during 2018 and 2019.

The IB’s report called him morally and financially corrupt. Even very damaging word “womaniser” was used against him in the report.

Umar Sheikh, the IB report said, remained involved in corrupt practices for financial gains during his tenure as District Police Officer, Sargodha.

Known tv anchor Gharidha Farooqi also shared the report on her Twitter account with a caption: “Confidential report by IB on CCPO Lhr Umar Sheikh was out.

Pertinent to note the highlighted parts esp (I obfuscated the woman constable name though). So far no apology has come from CCPO himself. But again it’s not the statement but the mentality he should b sorry about. Is he?,”.

Lahore CCPO Umar Sheikh is already under fire due to his remarks about the woman who was gang-raped on Lahore Motorway that she should have chosen GT road instead of deserted road to travel to Lahore from Gujjaranwala. He was strongly criticized for his statement as a police chief of the provincial capital. Ironically, the PTI ministers rushed immediately to defend his position and justify his statement that the statement was correct but it was given “wrong impression