PARC Scientists locally develop highest yielding Garlic Variety

Staff Reporter

Islamabad: A meeting on seed certification of newly developed Hybrid Variety of Garlic was held at NARC, Islamabad, presided over by Dr. Muhammad Ayub Khan, Member (PSD), PARC and presented by principal breeder Mr. Humayun Khan to determine the potential of NARC-G1 garlic variety and to acquire seed certification from Punjab Seed Certification Department. Rep. of Federal Seed Certification, Punjab and KPK were also participants of the meeting. Engineer, Shamim ul Sibtain, DG, NARC and DG, Research, KPK also attended the Garlic meeting. According to the presenter, Mr. Humayon Khan currently, Pakistan is spending hudge amount of 66.84 billion PKR on Garlic import due to higher demand and low yield potential of existing garlic varieties in the country. To cater the present demand and yield gap, garlic variety development program was started at vegetable Crop Research Program, HRI, NARC. The newly developed variety NARC-G1 was already approved in July, 2018 in a meeting variety evaluation committee (VEC) at PARC HQs, Islamabad. Principal breeder Mr. Humayun stated that finalization of seed certification is still in process and due to passiveness of the National Seed Council, seed is yet to be legalized. Besides brief presentation on traits of NARC-G1, participants also visited the fields and store-house of Garlic at NARC, Islamabad. It was revealed that the new garlic variety named “NARC-G1” is the highest garlic variety among all the existing garlic varieties in Pakistan. The quality was found superior and the variety gives 26 tons per hectare yield. A suggestion of cultivation through mechanized machinery, from Mr. humayun was also made. He says due to recent increase in demand of NARC G-1 from local farmers and industries seed certification of this variety is highly recommended.