Khairpur woman gang raped after being kidnapped along with 3 children

Khairpur: In a ghastly crime reported on Saturday in Sindh’s Khairpur, five alleged culprits kidnapped a woman with her three children and gang-raped her.

According to the details, the incident transpired in the Sobho Dero Police jurisdiction where a woman with her three children was allegedly abducted by five culprits who then sexually assaulted her.

The victim said that other than kidnapping and gang-rape, the five alleged culprits tortured her as well. However, the Khairpur woman said that in spite of her complaint to the police, the suspects still roamed freely while police didn’t budge.

It is pertinent to note that earlier this month, a woman, driving with her two kids on Lahore Motorway link-road, was robbed and gang-raped mercilessly after her car ran out of gas and stranded on the road.

She had asked for assistance from Motorway Police when her car stopped due to empty gas tank but the police denied help citing lack of resources.

The two fiends of alleged culprits found the stranded car and ambushed it. They broke the glass window of the car and took the lady into the wild fields across the link-road and gang-raped her.