Bradford Kashmir community denounces biased Indian SC decision on Kashmir

 Freedom activist Abdul Hamid Lone honoured for advocacy

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Bradford: In a recent gathering in Bradford, UK, the local Kashmiri community expressed vehement disapproval of the Indian Supreme Court’s recent decision on Kashmir, using strong language to condemn what they perceive as bias in the ruling. The event also served as a platform to honor freedom activist Abdul Hamid Lone for his ongoing advocacy.

Kashmiris residing in Bradford were vocal in their opposition, asserting that Kashmir is not merely an internal matter for India but an international dispute on the United Nations Security Council’s agenda. They rejected the one-sided decision of the Indian Supreme Court, insisting that it does not alter the undeniable reality of India’s occupation of the internationally recognized disputed territory of Kashmir.

Abdul Hamid Lone, a prominent figure in the freedom movement, emphasized that neither the Modi government nor the Indian Supreme Court holds the authority to unilaterally determine the legal status of Jammu and Kashmir at an international level. He pointed out that India’s actions since August 5, 2019, and subsequent measures stand in clear violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

The community underscored the urgent need for the United Nations to fulfill its responsibilities and take immediate steps to address the Jammu and Kashmir dispute on a permanent basis. They called for a resolution that ensures the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir, in accordance with UN agreements.

Despite the Indian Supreme Court’s biased decisions, Kashmiris affirmed their unwavering commitment to the ongoing struggle for freedom. Notable figures such as ishtiyaq Ahmed, Counselor Jamal Ali, Raja Sakhawat, Herry Bota, Counsellor Wajid, and others also voiced their opinions during the event.

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