Easter festival highlights the spirit of sacrifice: J salik

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The Easter festival highlights the spirit of sacrifice and martyrdom and I wish all my Pakistanis in the country and living abroad a very Happy Easter.
This was stated by Mr. J Salik, the founder and convener of the World Minorities Alliance, on his Easter day message from the USA.
Mr. J Salik who has hosted an International Conference of the faith leaders to promote understanding and foster dialogue among the various faiths and religions has taken upon his self the burden and assignment of providing relief to the downtrodden Pakistanis from the burden of huge financial loans.
On this auspicious occasion of Easter in his message J.Salik the former Federal Minister and convener of World Minorities Alliance said that Easter is a joyful festival for both Muslims and Christians.
According to the Christian faith Jesus Christ rose from his tomb after the crucifixion which is indeed an occasion to celebrate for Christians said Salik.
The Muslims he said, also believe that Jesus Christ was taken to haven alive. Both faiths he said, have a reason to celebrate the Easter festival.
He also urged the people to pray for getting rid of the huge loans which he said was causing a great deal of suffering among the Pakistani people specially the most oppressed classes and the minorities. The minorities he said, were particularly affected by the financial crises caused by the international loans.
J. Salik has embarked on a mission to repay the loans by urging the World Bank and IMF to start an international lottery to repay the loans of the indebted countries.
“We have entered the third phase of our successful endeavor and I have been working on this mission since 2002” he said in a statement.
J. Salik has received a positive response from the World Bank and would be involving 210 countries in his campaign to repay debt by initiating an international lottery. An international conference of 210 countries has been planned by the World Minorities Alliance for January 2024 to debate the repayment of international debt owed by the poor countries.
J. Salik has been striving for interfaith harmony in Pakistan and on the world arena. His contribution to peace and harmony have been appreciated and praised in the country and at international forums.
Since 1980, Salik has been heading the World Minorities Alliance to advocate for religious peace and the social status of minorities in Pakistan.

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