Journalism in IIOJK


Indian barbarism in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) is continued under the Premiership of Narendra Modi. All the basic rights of people of IIOJK have been compromised. They are being killed on daily basis. They are presenting these sacrifices for their just right to self determination. People belong to all walks of life are facing difficulties in IIOJK. They are being disturbed by the brutal forces of India while performing their duties.
Indian brutalities in IIOJK are being unveiled through journalism. World has come to know the real face of Indian PM Narendra Modi. The brave journalists of held valley are continuously reporting the brutal acts. But, the Indian forces are targeting the journalists continuously. The right to information has been compromised. Journalists are facing huge difficulties in the held valley. They face threats, arrests, and even killings while unveiling the facts.
In a recent move, Indian Police raided the houses of several journalists on Saturday in an investigation of anonymous online threats to around a dozen journalists in India-occupied Kashmir, a top police official said. Police have blamed the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Resistance Front for the threats. Indian Police last week registered a case under an anti-terrorism law after anonymous online threats were posted against a dozen journalists in Kashmir. Online posts, accusing journalists of being collaborators with Indian security agencies, threatened employees of three Kashmir-based, Delhi-backed, Indian army-sponsored media houses for spreading “fake narratives”. Five journalists affiliated with these media organisations resigned after threats, leading to panic among others, local journalists said. Local journalist Sajad Ahmad Kralyari was detained for questioning during the raid, and his laptop, camera and cellphone were seized, the official told Reuters on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to media. The raids were at the houses of half a dozen journalists — including writer and author Gouhar Geelani, the official said. Geelani, Kralyari and the other journalists could not be reached for comment and their phones were switched off. “The searches were conducted at 10 locations in Srinagar, Anantnag and Kulgam in connection with the investigation of the case related to recent threats to journalists,” the official said. The house of a lawyer who has been representing defendants in anti-militancy cases was also raided.
Kashmir is an unresolved agenda of division. People of Kashmir are struggling for their independence from India. They are paying very high price for independence. Indian forces are targeting the youngsters in the state. They are killing the educated youth. The good thing is that the brutalities of Indian forces are now visible to the whole world. The journalists in IIOJK put their every thing at risk and highlighted the killings in the valley. They are facing threats and even bullets continuously, but still they are performing their duties. They are showing the world the real face of India. World should take notice of the violation of right to information being taken place in the held valley. Journalists should be allowed to cover the incident. The so called biggest democracy of the world has snatched the basic right of information from the masses of Kashmir. International organizations should play their role in this regard. The need of the hour is that the youngsters of Kashmir should also play an active role through social media. They should highlight the issues in IIOJK by social media platforms so that world can continuously see the real face of India.

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