Kashmiri demands justice on 11th June 1993 Chota Bazar killings

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Muzaffarabad: Chairman Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir Uzair Ahmed Ghazali has appealed United Nations to conduct a transparent investigation on the mass killings of innocent Kashmiri civilians by Indian troops in Chota Bazar areas of Srinagar on 11th June 1991.

In a statement issued to media, he said that United Nations should conduct an impartial investigation on the massacre of innocent civilians.

He said that the lack of disciplinary action against the Indian soldiers involved in the massacre of 11 June 1991 in Chota Bazar is a question mark on the performance of the claimants of peace, justice and humanity.

He lamented that the sad tragedy of June 11, 1991, in which Indian CRPF personnel killed 32 innocent civilians in the Chota Bazar area of ​​Srinagar by indiscriminate firing while many other civilians were injured by bullets.

Ghazali said that Indian Army has carried out more than 30 organized attacks on innocent Kashmiri citizens in the occupied state, in which “thousands” of innocent civilians have been massacred.

“On 6th January 1993, Sopore massacre in which 55 civilians were killed, on 15 January 1990 Handwara where 17 civilians were killed, on19 January 1991 where 11 killed in Mall Srinagar, On January 21, 1990, 60 civilians were killed by Indian forces in Gaukdal, Srinagar, On January 26, 1998, 26 Pandit civilians were killed by Indian intelligence operatives in Windhama Ganderbul”, he elaborated.

Referring to the brutal killings of 30 civilians in Kupwara on January 27, 1993, he said that the silence of the United Nations has given India the licence to kill Kashmiri citizens.

Uzair demanded the International Court of Justice to take notice of the war crimes committed by Indian soldiers in Kashmir and the massacre of civilians and UNSC to implement its resolutions to save more human lives from Indian atrocities.

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