Pakistan established in the name of Islam: Grand Mufti Mirpur

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Mirpur:  In compliance with the directives of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir government, a Quranic studies session was conducted at Kachhari Mosque. District Mufti Abdul Ghaffar Salafi emphasized the importance of defending the nation in the light of Islamic teachings during this event.

Deputy Commissioner Chaudhry Amjad Iqbal, Assistant Commissioner Raja Zahid Hussain, Officer Malik Tanveer-ul-Islam, Tehsildar Imran Yusuf, District Information Officer Muhammad Javed Malik, and other officials attended the program.


District Mufti Abdul Ghaffar Salafi, while addressing the audience during the Quranic studies session, highlighted that Pakistan was established in the name of Islam, and its armed forces have consistently played a significant role in safeguarding and defending the nation. He stressed that every citizen should stand alongside Pakistan’s armed forces, just as a fortified wall stands with unwavering support.


Today, as our beloved nation faces economic and security challenges, it is imperative for the entire nation to demonstrate unity and solidarity. Practical unity among communities is a formidable force that no external power can undermine. The September 1965 war serves as a testament to the nation’s unwavering love for the homeland, and in the face of today’s challenges, the nation must once again unite and organize to protect the honor and dignity of the country.


It is essential that, rising above political, personal, and sectional differences, the nation unites for the preservation of the nation’s respect and sanctity, and every attempt by the enemy to weaken our unity and consensus is thwarted. They emphasized that the Pakistan Army is the guarantor of our defense, allowing us to sleep peacefully in our homes. Defense of Pakistan is integral to our faith, and the armed forces of Pakistan are a source of pride for us. Therefore, we are not hesitant to make any sacrifices for their sake.

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