Shifa International Hospital organizes a hiking event to promote awareness about arthritis

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Islamabad: In an inspiring display of commitment to health and wellness, Shifa International Hospital recently organized a hiking event at Trail 5, Islamabad. With over 100 enthusiastic participants, this event aimed to raise awareness about arthritis and promote an active lifestyle.
Arthritis, a prevalent medical condition of inflammation or swelling of one or more joints affects millions of people globally and often goes unnoticed amidst our busy lives.
Mr. Kashif Khan, Head of the Rehabilitation Department at Shifa International Hospital, led the event with an informative session highlighting the significance of arthritis awareness. “Arthritis is a chronic condition that affects millions of individuals, leading to pain and decreased mobility. Regular physical activity, like hiking, can help manage the symptoms and improve the quality of life for those living with arthritis,” explained Kashif Khan.
He expressed his gratitude to all the participants and supporters of this initiative. He further said “We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to this event. It is heartening to see the community come together to raise awareness about arthritis and promote a healthier lifestyle. Shifa International Hospital remains committed to the well-being of our community.”

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