Pay attention to resolve fundamental issues in AJK: Sardar Hassan Ibrahim Khan

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Islamabad: Sardar Hasan Ibrahim Khan, President and Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party, has called upon the Pakistani government to pay special attention to resolving fundamental issues in Azad Kashmir. He emphasized the need for immediate reductions in electricity tariffs and prices of essential life commodities. The federal government should facilitate electricity production in Azad Kashmir, increase subsidies for wheat and sugar, and address the rising cost of living.

In response to the increasing cost of living, the people of Azad Kashmir have taken to the streets in protest, with the support and approval of all major political parties in the region. Sardar Hasan Ibrahim Khan pointed out that the federal government cannot impose taxes in Azad Kashmir as it is bound by international agreements. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both the federal and Azad Kashmir governments to provide subsidies to the people who are suffering due to inflation.

The soaring prices have left ordinary citizens deprived of basic necessities, including two square meals a day and access to education and healthcare. Immediate measures must be taken to alleviate their suffering. The state must ensure the provision of basic life amenities.

Sardar Hasan Ibrahim Khan further urged the federal government to take prompt action to relieve the people. He called for the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir to negotiate with the federal government on the matter of additional taxes on electricity bills, ensuring that relief is provided to the people. He emphasized that Azad Kashmir is not an industrial region, and job opportunities are limited, making it essential to reduce the prices of petroleum, electricity, sugar, and other essential commodities.

Sardar Hasan Ibrahim Khan stated that it is crucial to implement effective economic policies for the benefit of the impoverished class in Pakistan. Imposing taxes on the elite class while providing relief to the underprivileged is necessary. At present, the elite class enjoys tax exemptions, while the common people struggle with their daily lives. Time calls for immediate action in this regard. Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party, both at the grassroots and in the legislature, speaks up for the rights of ordinary citizens and stands with them. Effective economic policies are indispensable for a stable Pakistan where the benefits reach the underprivileged class, as the dominance of the elite class in matters of rights makes it impossible for ordinary people to manage their everyday lives.

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