President should revise date of elections as Easter falls on 9th April , demands Salik

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Washington DC ( 21, February ) Convener of World Minority Alliance and former federal minister J. Salik has asked President Alvi to keep the religious festivals  of minorities in mind while fixing the date of elections.

In a statement issued from his office on Tuesday, he said that the President of the country had completely ignored the minorities in giving the poll date in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“The Easter would be celebrated by the Christian  community on 9th April this year . They are also the equal citizens of Pakistan”. The decision of the President is against national integrity as this will air religious abhorrence.

J. Salik also wrote a letter to Chief Justice Islamabad High Court wherein he said that there are not any peculiar holidays on the religious festivals for Christians and Hindus in Pakistan .

He asked UNO to announce public holidays on the sacred religious days of the minorities especially for the Muslim community living in Europe and USA.

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