Qatar vs West


Qatar is a very small country having total area 11571 kilometers only. The population of this country is just 2900000 people. One can explore the whole country in few hours. But, this small country of globe is currently hosting the most expensive world cup of world’s biggest sports. Qatar is currently hosting FIFA World Cup 2022. Football is considered as the biggest sports of the world and FIFA is said to be the biggest event of sports. So, all eyes are on Qatar currently which is hosting this cup. Football lovers from across the world are heading towards Qatar right now. The air traffic over Qatar has been increased and can been seen in air traffic graph which these days presents such a picture which shows that the flights from all over the world have come over Qatar. There are two international airports in Qatar. These two air ports are currently managing 180 flights every hour.
Hosting of FIFA World Cup by Qatar is not digestible for the western countries. The ongoing world cup is 22nd event and the interesting thing is that the hosting of football remained confined to Europe and America except one world cup of 2002 when Japan got chance of hosting this event. It was 2010 when Qatar won the bidding for hosting the FIFA world cup 2022. Qatar started facing hatred from the western world since the day of bidding. At that time the western countries raised fingers at Qatar by saying that Qatar is not having appropriate infrastructure required for conducting such a mega event and also the country is not having suitable weather for this game. Qatar vowed at that time that it will construct the required infrastructure till the time of world cup comes and the most cold month will be chosen for the event. Since that day Qatar worked day and night and developed its infrastructure even better than that was required for hosting the world cup.
When Qatar was busy in fulling the requirements for FIFA the western world continuously tried its best to snatch the hosting by defaming the country. Western media wrongly reported that thousands of laborers have died during the construction process in Qatar. Qatari media refuted the news and the real figures came in front of the world. These figures were not so high then the normal rate of accidental deaths. Western world went on back step again at that point.
Now the FIFA world cup is going on in Qatar. The western countries are still not happy with Qatar. The opening ceremony of FIFA World cup according to Islamic teaching and values further irked the western world. Besides this, the authorities in Qatar also banded the wine and other such items in the stadiums and the areas around them. The authorities asked the westerns that every society has its own values so such things can not be allowed during the game. This was another shocking happening for the western country. But, the most important thing which is annoying the western world is that Qatar has made the world record by hosting the most expensive world cup of football. As the western countries are the big powers so they are not digesting the reality that Qatar has host the event by spending more money than the money they have been spending. The success of Qatar in its fight with West on hosting FIFA is a role model for all the Asian countries. The lesson is only that if you have resources and you have will to stand in front of global powers then no one can stops you.

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