Salik for legislation allowing election contestants having less than five marla property  

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Washington D.C() Convener, World Minorities Alliance (WMA) and former federal minister for population welfare, J. Salik has demanded the Parliament to enact a special legislation demanding all political parties to allow party tickets for elections to only those party workers owning less than five marla property.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, WMA Convener said if the elections were imperative amid these challenging times then the government should consider enacting a new legislation intended to contain the passage of the elite class who at the moment has occupied the entire parliament.

  1. Salik said the elections are intended to give representation and voice to the common man which is at the moment limited to a particular class of the society that has captured the maximum resources and wealth of the country leaving the poor and downtrodden to continue to suffer.

He said the rise of the poor and middle class will bring change in the system who are devoted and focused to serve the nation and do not entertain their personal motives.

He said the Parliament should enact the legislation for the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure that the poor workers of the political parties get party tickets.


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