Sardar Waqar Shahzad Met with New Ambassador of Greece, H.E Konstantinos


Sardar Waqar Shahzad said that it is a pleasure to meet you, Excellency we have relationships of millenniums.
Long before we are meeting here in Islamabad, our ancestors meet and knew each other, benefited from each other.

Alexander the great came to nowadays Pakistan, He went to Peshawar, Attock, Swat, Multan, and Gwadar. Gawadar was “Princess of Hope” for him thousands of years before. He praised the bravery of our people, Raja Porus. For him Indus was end of world, for us it’s a new horizon.

In addition, we know the ancient way of Greek people, as they resemble to today’s Kalash People of Chitral, who are descendants of Alexander soldiers from Greece.
We have “Unani Medicine” or Greek Medicine brought here by Greek Doctors of Alexander time. Pashtun and many other tribes of Pakistan has references from Alexander dairy. Islamic and Oriental Philosophy has many teachers from Greek philosophers. And an intelligent man in our homes is named today as Aflatoon, Plato the great Greek philosopher

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