The 3rd International Congress on Arbaeen in health held 

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Tehran: The 3rd International Congress on Arbaeen in Health, Tehran was held in Razi Hall at Iran University of Medical Sciences, was a significant event focused on exploring the health implications and challenges faced during the Arbaeen pilgrimage during their mass gathering. Professor Pazouki, the Chancellor of Iran University of Medical Sciences, successfully conducted this three-day international congress. His team’s commitment made every moment enriching at various levels – academic, scientific, professional, and spiritual.

The congress was attended by individuals from various fields, and more than 600 people were present at the inaugural ceremony, which was graced by the Minister of Health, personals of health, DG Hilal e Ahmar Iran, Turkey and the Chancellor of IUMS Tehran. Delegations from more than 10 countries, including Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Australia, UK, USA, and Turkey, participated in this congress. In total, about 60 more presentations were given over the course of three days. The 3rd International Congress on Arbaeen in Health was a significant event that focused on exploring the health implications and challenges faced during the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

Experts from around the world gathered to discuss innovative approaches, research findings, and best practices to ensure the health and safety of Arbaeen pilgrims. This congress provided a platform for collaboration, learning, and sharing experiences, ultimately contributing to the improvement of healthcare services during the Arbaeen pilgrimage. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, network with experts, and contribute to the advancement of health practices in this unique context. Furthermore, the event offered spiritual inspirations and included visits to two of the most revered Ziaraat for a Muslim in Mashhad of Holy Shrine Imam e Raza (AS), Qum (Hazrat e Fatima AS), and a city tour of Tehran, along with gala dinners at Milad Tower Tehran.



From Pakistan, Principal Azad Jammu Kashmir Medical college; Prof Mulazim Hussain Bukhari presented his topic titled  “How to make mass gatherings safe,” and Principal Women Medical College Abbottabad; Prof Salma Kundi discussed “Community Partnership for life-saving skills training,” Prof Mowadat Hussain Rana spoke about “Karbala: A perpetual source of mental wellness: From spirituality to neurobiology,” Dr. Asad Ali Shah focused on “challenges in the health setting during Arbaeen and the way forward towards improvement,” Dr. Muhammad Baqir discussed “Cultural values and ethics of Arbaeen,” Dr. Shaharyar spoke on “Arbaeen: Real need for a medical healthcare system and how to improve the medical, cultural, and Islamic values of Arbaeen mass gathering,” and Mr. Muhammad Ali Kumail presented on “The role of cybercrime at large gatherings.”

IMI Prof Shabih Zaidi discussed “Ethical considerations at Arbaeen,” Prof Sarwat Hussain talked about “Initiating Diagnostic Services at Arbaeen,” Prof Arshad Qayyumi focused on “How to reduce cardiac issues and manage during Arbaeen,” Professor Huma Naqvi discussed “Rehabilitative needs during Arbaeen,” and Dr. Azmat Hussain presented on “Managing cardiac issues in disasters and mass gatherings.” These lectures were presented virtually online.

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