Afghanistan , Pakistan and TTP

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Pakistan once again urged Afghanistan to take action against the Tehrik Talban Pakistan (TTP) , which is the key player to deteriorate the relations between both the neighboring states.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jelani has accused the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a banned organization of causing bitterness between Islamabad and Kabul, stating that the interim Pakistani government needs to take “concrete actions” against the group.

During a conversation with foreign media on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session in New York,  Jelani emphasized the need for Afghanistan’s leaders to fulfill promises made to Pakistan and other international partners, stressing that it’s unfortunate that attacks from Afghanistan into Pakistan continue.

The high brass of the Pakistani army also called on Afghanistan to take action against the TTP. They also said that Afghanistan should show its determination not to allow its territory to be used against other countries.

It has been noticed that from the past few months continuous terrorist attacks are being carried out on the security forces of Pakistan in the border areas especially in Balochistan in which several security personnel were martyred.

Attacks emanating from the banned outfit , TTP from inside Afghanistan into Pakistan is a major concern for Pakistan

The issue of reuniting the terrorists has a great significance for Pakistan because her Foreign Office ponders that a stable Afghanistan is necessary for regional peace and without it the progress in the region cannot take place.

There are various extremist groups present in Afghanistan including ISIS-K , TTP  and several other organizations with their roots in Afghanistan, as a significant concern, not only for Pakistan but also for other regional countries.


Pakistan is going to ink multiple MoUs and agreements with the member countries of the D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation during this month’s visit to Islamabad by diplomats from D-8 nations. These agreements are aimed at enhancing cooperation in agriculture, mining, information technology, defense production, and energy sectors.

Economic stability is essential for Pakistan as it faces a balance of payments crisis, and it requires billions of dollars in foreign exchange reserves to fulfill its trade obligations and repay its international loans in the current fiscal year. For economic growth, peace and stability in the region is a must for all regional countries.

Islamabad wants a dialogue-based resolution. For almost two years, the ongoing dispute has created instability in almost every country.

Now it is high time that Pakistan and Afghanistan should cooperate with each other in curbing the terrorism as without fixing this menace, the dream of progress could not be achieved.

There are some foreign hands including some anti –Pakistan elements, which are using the Afghan soil for their nefarious designs against Pakistan.

Curtailing extremism and terrorism would be in favour of every country of the region. Afghanistan, which has become the epicenter of terrorist should use the multi prong  policy but first of all it should start negotiation with Taliban and other  terrorist groups to engage them in the dialogue process.

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